What is a website?

Today the Internet is an irreplaceable part of the daily life of modern society. It is a worldwide system of interconnected computer networks for storing, processing and transmitting information. Each such network is a separate Internet space, which is literally a “web” or “network” (from the English “web”). And websites are autonomous units, or one might even say “nodes” of this web, in which structured information is stored. These nodes are also not randomly located on the Internet, and a unique address — the domain name is used to position them as the exact coordinate of the website.

In turn, a website is a collection of logically related web pages that define the structure and relationship of all content. Thus, for the Internet user, this array of related data is perceived as a single whole and allows you to obtain information of interest or perform actions, such as purchasing a product or ordering a service.

When creating websites, special technologies are used that define the appearance and internal structure of Internet resources. The functionality, content and form of websites are developed individually, in accordance with the purpose of the site and its theme. Since there are a lot of classifications and types of sites, we will give as an example the most common commercial sites:
  1. Landing page. Landing page is a modern one-page site that is designed to showcase and promote specific products or services. High-quality photos of the product, all the key information about it, certificates, diplomas, company description, contacts, customer reviews — everything is on one page in an easy-to-understand form. The narrow focus of the landing page focuses all the attention of the user on the benefits of the displayed product and motivates him to make a confident purchase right here and now. There is also a multi-landing (multi-page landing), which is a more advanced version — the content of a multi-landing is adapted to the user's requests or location, allowing you to expand the base of potential customers. The effectiveness and popularity of a landing page consists in increasing the conversion from a site visitor to a client — in other words, with an equal number of site visitors, receive more requests.
  2. Business site. The company's website or corporate website is intended for the official virtual representation of the company on the Internet. It contains the full amount of information about the company itself and its field of activity and can be used to sell a small amount of products, usually up to 100 units of goods and services. The website for business contains advanced functionality that depends on specific tasks. For example, a business site may have a photo gallery, catalog, comments and reviews, feedback forms, social media widgets, and may be equipped with spam protection and other features. It is worth noting one of the main features of this type of commercial site is the ability to write articles, post news, place promotions and banners, and report on new products. Moreover, this active virtual life and the development of the company can be managed by the business owner independently through the CMS (content management system) or by entrusting the management to a specially dedicated employee.
  3. Online store. The main activity of this type of site is the direct sale of goods via the Internet. With the help of the online store, users can online through a browser or mobile application form purchase orders, select methods of payment and delivery of goods and pay for the order. Online stores are completed with an administrator panel, so that the owner can independently manage it: add and remove products, change prices and set discounts, change contacts, payment and delivery methods. An online store is a solution to the sale of a large number of goods (more than 100 units) without the costs associated with maintaining a physical store.
  4. Showcase. Showcase site combines the main functions of a business site and the capacity of an online store. A large base of products is presented on the site in the form of an electronic catalog with detailed information about each item of the product. All products are available only for pre-order, without the possibility of making a purchase through the site. Online showcases are created for a clear and complete presentation of goods, to popularize the brand and to increase audience loyalty.
Commercial sites are a modern and highly effective way to grow your business. Therefore, website development is a responsible and time-consuming process, since the cleanliness and stability of your virtual business depends on the competent work of specialists.

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