Update TM bot 38.0

1. On Home, if you click on the Steam API key, the key will be transferred to the market. Added just in case. The program itself transfers the key to the market if it is not on the market.
2. Does not accept items, if there is no comment from the market — fixed!
3. The Star column has been added To the account, where you can add an account in the form partner=[partner]&token=[token] to transfer the item to this account after purchase. In the pop-up menu, you can change To the account massively. Also, in the Purchase settings, the option To the account is added.
4. If you leave the identifier empty in the Star or Exception, the program will search for the item on the market by name and calculate the purchase or sale price accordingly. It is convenient, for example, when you want the price of Exclusion to be calculated from the minimum for sales from duplicates (parallel cards).
5. Added parameters [max] — the maximum selling price of the item for the whole time. [saleQty] — the number of orders to sell the item. [purchaseQty] — the number of orders to buy an item.
6. Changed all the scripts. Copy new scripts if you boot from your settings.
7. Updates selling prices for a long time — fixed!
8. Improvement and correction of a defective program, for example, the Stars table dies when sorting by price in Steam — fixed, in some items analytics the purchase date is longer than the sale date — fixed!

Settings are compatible. If you are loading your settings, then check your settings so that, for example, some parameter suddenly does not turn out to be 0 or empty.

We advise you to run all the tests available in the program before starting. Start by showing what and how the program will buy/sell. Then the test for creating purchases, see the result on the market, then the test update purchases and so on.

TM bot: webdivision.pro/services/software/games/tm-bot
TM bot manual: webdivision.pro/manual/software/tm-bot/intro

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