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Dear users, in this post we have collected the latest news and updates:

1. Your karma (rating), which is displayed in the upper right corner in your personal account, corresponds to your discount for all our services! For more information, what is karma.

2. The price for rent of servers (computers) has been reduced by 5%.

3. Write once a month your earnings report that you received using our program and get a 50% discount on the purchase of licenses for 1 month. The report does not need to reveal the secrets of your earnings. The report should contain several pictures from the program. All useful links can be found in the section where you activate licenses for the program. After you add the report, write to those support, where you will receive a discount coupon, which you can activate in your personal account.

4. New weekly drawing:

5. Subscribe and follow our social networks, where we will post discount coupons. For example, today we can post a discount on a lifetime license on Facebook, and tomorrow a discount on website development on Telegram.

6. Receive passive income using the referral system, it is enough for a person to register using your referral link, after which you will receive a percentage of return, which is equal to your karma, from each replenishment of your referral's balance.

Through our website you can:
Buy a website
Register a domain
Buy a hosting
Rent a server
And much more

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