Update TM bot 38.1

1. Added column Pictures to tables. Highlight items and click Show Pictures in the pop-up menu.
2. Added parameters [min] — the minimum selling price of an item for all time. [mySellQty] — the number of your items for sale in the item card. [hisQty] — the number of item sales in history. buy [i], sell [i], his [i], are the purchase/sale/history prices, where i is the position, for example, buy[0] is the purchase leader, buy[1] is the price after the purchase leader and so on.
3. Improving the program and fixing defects.
4. Changed all the scripts. Copy new scripts if you boot from your settings.

Settings are compatible. If you are loading your settings, then check your settings so that, for example, some parameter suddenly does not turn out to be 0 or empty.

We advise you to run all the tests available in the program before starting. Start by showing what and how the program will buy/sell. Then the test for creating purchases, see the result on the market, then the test update purchases and so on.

Take your money seriously, remember that according to the user agreement: 22. The company is not responsible for expenses received through the use of the Company's programs. If you do not agree with this, then do not use the program

TM bot: webdivision.pro/services/software/games/tm-bot
TM bot manual: webdivision.pro/manual/software/tm-bot/intro

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