Update TM bot 35.4

Now the program works completely on API version 2. What is an API?
API is an interface that Market develops and provides for managing a user account from outside.
There are many changes, so it’s easier to update the manual than to write it down in this post. The manual will be updated within a week.

Why does everyone need to upgrade to the new version?
Older versions of the program run on the already outdated API 1. The market has released a new version of API 2, which differs from version 1 and offers a different trading model.
The Market will not support version 1, for example, if you switch to English in the Market, you will not see a link to the old API.

TM bot: webdivision.pro/services/software/games/tm-bot
TM bot instruction: webdivision.pro/manual/software/tm-bot/intro

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