Update TM Bot 34.9.06

1. The program has been renamed TM Bot.
2. The defect «Restart if trade error» is fixed.
3. Filters in the Buy settings are combined into one sheet and now work like on the market.
4. The filter by stickers has been redone into a line where you need to enter sticker identifiers separated by a comma for the filter by stickers.
5. Steam prices are calculated at the wrong rate — fixed!
6. Items will be removed from Sale before launch.
7. Market tab removed.
8. Added tab in the Purchase «Show what and how the program will buy».
9. The item does not have [dup ..] values, although the item has parallel cards on the market — fixed!

Settings are incompatible!

TM Bot: webdivision.pro/services/software/games/tm-bot
TM Bot manual: webdivision.pro/manual/software/tm-bot/intro

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