Update Steam Market Bot 34.2

1. The program restarts within 30 seconds (before 5 minutes) when the program restarts automatically if the program was not stopped by you.
2. The option «Restart the program if an transfer error» has been added to Home -> General settings, when activated, the program will restart if an error occurs during the transfer of items. By default, the option is disabled.
3. The option «Stop sales if there are items to transfer» has been added to Sale -> Settings, upon activation of which the sale of items will be stopped if you have sold items that need to be transferred. By default, the option is disabled.
4. The option «Cancel trade not from the market» is added to Accounts, upon activation of which all incoming trades not from the market will be canceled.
5. A button «Notifications» has been added to the Home, with which you can configure notifications from the program to your mail(s). Notifications: «Change of the program status», «Purchase of an item», «Sale of an item», «Transfer of an item».

For Gmail you need to trigger «ON» «Less secure app access» myaccount.google.com/lesssecureapps

ROBT TM: webdivision.pro/services/software/games/steam-market-bot
ROBT TM manual: webdivision.pro/manual/software/steam-market-bot/intro

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