Update Steam bot 5.0

1. Added all existing currencies in Steam.
2. Parameters [min], [max], [purchaseQty] have been renamed to [hisMax], [hisMin] and [purchQty].
3. Added parameters [avg24] and [vol24] — this is the average price and number of sales of an item in 24 hours.
4. Added parameters [hisQty] (number of sales for all time) and history[i] (history of sales where i is the position in the history of sales, for example, history[0] is the last selling price).
5. Added parameters [pop] (popularity, the less the more popular, for example, if pop = 1, then this item is the most popular) and [type] (type of item, for example, sticker or souvenir, etc.).
6. Changed the Market table in Base. Only 500 items are loaded. Added pagination. Added the Filter field, in which you can write a SQL query to display the necessary information, for example, pop> [100] AND sale> [200] AND type NOT LIKE {% souvenir%} will display items where the popularity is more than 100, the sale price is more than 200 and the item type does not contain the word souvenir.
7. The field «Create a buy order with a price of 1 kopeck» has been renamed to «Autobuy» and now accepts not javascript, but a SQL query, everything is the same as the Filter in the Market table.
8. Added parameters Update buy/sell orders every N seconds, by default 600 seconds.
9. The program has become more reliable and faster. Reduced consumption of computer resources by the program.

Settings are not compatible.

This version is under testing, so there may be zeros in the parameters.

Re-enter the settings if you think the program is working somehow wrong. Did not help? Write to support in your account.

We advise you to run all the tests available in the program before starting. Start by showing what and how the program will buy/sell. Then the test for creating purchases, see the result on the market, then the test update purchases and so on.

Take your money seriously, remember that according to the user agreement: 22. The company is not responsible for expenses received through the use of the Company's programs. If you do not agree with this, then do not use the program.

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