Contest for the best video review of the Steam bot program!

✔Why do you need it?
1) Steam bot is a unique and one-of-a-kind program that brings passive income. Your subscribers will be grateful for your video review, which will have a positive effect on your YouTube channel!
2) In the description for the video, you can indicate your referral link!
3) Prizes!

✔ Prizes:
1st place) Lifetime license.
2nd place) 50% discount for 1 year.
3rd place) 25% discount for 1 year.

✔ Conditions:
1) The video must be uploaded to YouTube.
2) Video resolution should not be lower than 480p.
3) The video must not violate YouTube rules.
4) Videos must remain on YouTube after prizes have been awarded.
5) The video can be uploaded by us to any YouTube channel, and you agree to this condition by participating in the competition.
6) The description of the video uploaded to youtube must contain links to the site (you can specify your referral link).
7) The length of the video must exceed 4 minutes (pure content, no blanks).
8) Videos containing materials from other projects or advertising them are not accepted.

✔The procedure for applying for participation in the competition:
1) Shoot a video review.
2) Send the link to the video to technical support in your personal account.

Approximately the results of the competition 07.07.2021.

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