Important information for users of serv1, serv1+ servers and floating IP addresses.

The number of IP addresses in the world is limited. There are only 5 regional Internet registrars that distribute Internet resources (IP addresses). All IP addresses have already been bought, and therefore a fast-growing IP address trading market has emerged, where brokers dictate prices. You can see how quickly the price of IP addresses has risen by following the link: or in pictures for two months in this post.
Since the launch of our server rental service in 2018, we have been offering you excellent value for money. We have tried our best not to pass the rise in the price of IP addresses to our users, and so far have put up with the economic losses. However, over the past month, prices for IP addresses have risen so dramatically that we can no longer do so. Unfortunately, we will be forced to raise prices for serv1, serv1 + and floating IP addresses from September 1, 2021.

Serv1 $4.79 -> $6.25
Serv1+ $6.73 -> $7.14
Floating IP addresses $1.8 -> $4.5

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