«WebDivision» specializes in providing IT services, digital marketing, and web design.

Webdivision team

Mission and values of WebDivision

Our mission is to use our professional abilities to enhance our client's business.

Based on our unique values and attractive brand aesthetic, we aim to become an exceptional company in our field.

Our values are a set of ethical principles that guide us in our daily life, in our work and during our interactions with other people.

We offer an unparalleled confidence in our abilities and are able to overcome the most challenging obstacles in the most complicated tasks.

We are in constant search of new ideas to optimise our production.

Guided by our principles and the standards of professional ethics, we meet our goals steadily and fulfil our obligations.



make your superiority obvious

Drew Sinclair

Project manager / Developer

Konstantin Tagintsev

Project manager / Developer

Daria Ozhgibesova

Designer / Engineer

Katharine Shatrova

Engineer / Interpreter, copywriter

Nikita Ozhgibesov


Valeria Khramova

Marketologist / Interpreter

Tatiana Sus


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Compleated projects

Projects in development

Days at work


Big projects

2 January 2013

Launch of the company's

WebDivisionI's birthday

20 December 2014

State projects

WebDivision involved in
the development of electronic disability-slips.

8 August 2015

Successful implementation
of a CRM-system

Automation of business processes
«chelyabinsk drilling equipment plant».

28 March 2016

Automation of the «phobos»

Call-center organization
with crm and ip telephony

6 June 2016

«live chat» project completed

WebDivision developed its own
online chat «vijet» for websites

15 September 2016

«TM» project completed

Tool for automation process trade digital subjects.

30 August 2017

«CRYPTO» project completed

Trade process automation and
crypto-currency analysis tool.

1 January 2018

«ROBTS» project completed

Domains, hosting and servers.

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