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Intro to Steam bot

Steam market bot is a program for manual or automatic trading on the steam website: https://steamcommunity.com/market/.

Key Benefits

1. Uniqueness
You can create your own parameters/conditions for the purchase and sale of items, what makes the program unique for every user!

2. Full automation
No additional programs "Turned on and Forgot". Our program will do everything for you, manual trading is now a thing of the past!

3. Speed
The competent architecture of the program allows you to update buy and sell orders on high speed!

4. Price
The program costs $0.22 a day. You can activate or deactivate the license at any time! Read the instructions for the program and you will understand that the price for a similar functionality and profit are very cheap! You can buy forever for $77!

5. Guarantees
We are a team of professionals in the field of IT industry, we are engaged in the development of software providing. Your feedback on our web studio ( webdivision.pro/about ) affect our lives and we don’t really want the reviews to be negative. We are open personalities! Time-tested - we have been working since 2013!

6. Support
Free updates and support 24/7. We are interested in the program bringing you maximum passive income!

System requirements

Windows/Linux/MacOS. 1 core, 1 RAM

Before starting the program, update Java: https://java.com/download/

You can buy a server for the program here: webdivision.pro/manual/servers/rental

A program or PROGRAMS can be run on different computers (not attached to hardware) with different operating systems!