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  • Date: March 11, 2016
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Now you have the opportunity to play FIFA not only on the game rating, but to make duel for real money. In order to start playing you just select the game and wait for you to connect to your opponent. Also you can always start the game with your friends. You can communicate with your rivals and friends through the fast message service, which you can find on our website. Our service is equipped with a system for collecting statistics. Therefore, the more you win, the higher your rating. Good luck!


The Idea Design

We have extensive experience in the design of web-projects; from an initial idea to the final result. We will accurately realize your ideas. For us, there are no secrets in IT.


The Process Development

A great working site is a consequence of what is inside! We write the pure code and develop only the high-performance systems. And we will show that.


The Result Support

This step is the most important. You get the required result - we produce one more satisfied customer. WebDivision are always prepared to assist you, no matter what your request is!

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