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  1. ООО Буран ООО Буран 24 april 2016, 20:36 +1
    I want to express my gratitude to the employees of the company WebDivision for excellent consultation about the creating and promoting websites.
    1. Сергей Рашев Сергей Рашев 05 august 2016, 07:18 +1
      Drilling Equipment Plant from Chelyabinsk expresses its sincere gratitude to Web Studio WebDivision for the smooth and prompt work on automation of our company's business processes. Especially I want to note the flexibility in solving non-standard situations at various stages of ongoing work, the high qualification of specialists and the technical potential of your company as a whole.
      1. Михаил Коновалов МГБУ Михаил Коновалов МГБУ 25 december 2015, 11:17 +1
        Our cooperation with WebDivision started not so long ago, but the first results did not make us wait. Result of cooperation: traffic from search engines reached the highest rates in comparison with all previous. It should also be noted that the changes made by the WebDivision experts' recommendations on the site helped make it even more convenient and informative. Thank you for the quality work, good prices and careful attention to all.
        1. ДК Петрякова ДК Петрякова 24 september 2015, 06:23 +1
          Thank you for the good work of all the employees of WebDivision! You have created an excellent site for our DK Petryakova. I wish you prosperity and development! =)
          1. Александр Карасев Александр Карасев 24 february 2013, 11:11 +2
            I turned to this company to save and restore my site, because it was hacked. I needed quick help, because all my business was based on it. They responded to my application momently. After we had a complete mutual understanding of the problem. And as a result the problem was fixed very quickly. Webdiwision specialists identified the problem and solutions to decide my problem. And moreover they eliminated the causes of the vulnerability of the site. Next, I decided to upgrade my site, and Webdivision's specialists carried out many point works. They brought changes along the way qualitatively and promptly. My site was not adapted for mobile devices, which was also corrected by this guy's. Thank you for your work! I will recommend you to everybody and will connect with you for myself as necessary. It's always nice to deal with professionals!
            1. МЕТАмозаика МЕТАмозаика 12 march 2015, 08:29 +1
              I was very lucky to have found such a wonderful web studio! They made me a site in very short time. Me and my friends really like it!
              I recommend web studio WebDivision without a doubt
              1. Ирина Николаева Ирина Николаева 01 september 2013, 10:16 +1
                I cooperate with them for six months: they are always on track and quality is good.
                1. Павел Усольцев Павел Усольцев 19 may 2014, 18:44 +3
                  We owe a huge debt of gratitude and we recommend this excellent specialists! We ordered the development of the our site – and now we are very happy with the result. Our website confirms that. It is beautiful, understandable and of course it brings profit to our company. Once again I want to say a big thanks to the company WebDivision, working with you is just a pleasure!
                  1. Екатерина Родионова Екатерина Родионова 24 february 2015, 17:02 +1
                    It was difficult to find a specialist, which is combined all necessary skills with adequate assessment of the cost of the work and responsible approach to that work. I was lucky to met Konstantin Tagintsev about a year ago. After that, we worked together on 4 projects and I am sure that this is only the beginning! Konstantin, thank you for the consistently high quality, responsiveness and punctuality. I will be glad to recommend you!
                    1. Интер Плюс Интер Плюс 24 september 2016, 06:23 +1
                      After a negative experience with a couple of major SEO companies who call themselves leaders in the promotion, we turned to this one. The first plus is absolute openness in the work — all the questions are explained. We have a clear understanding for what we pay and what a person does to promote the site. The topic is not simple — real estate in Moscow, but even in the first two months there has been a noticeable growth of positions in Yandex, and even better — in Google. We see Metrik's growing attendance, including search queries. We regret a lot that we did not apply to the WebDivision before
                      1. Никита Воронин Никита Воронин 17 november 2016, 20:20 +5
                        Talented and creative guys. For us was developed a modern and dynamic site, which we are very pleased with. The cooperation took place in a positive atmosphere, all wishes were taken into account.
                        1. Александр Андрюков Александр Андрюков 03 may 2017, 09:30 +1
                          Many thanks to the WebDivision team for setting up and supporting contextual advertising in Yandex.Direct. Thanks to you, our company has received a steady stream of new customers and accordingly an increase in profits. Thank you for your promptness, quality and pleasant price. I recommend everyone WebDivision!
                          1. Азат Султанов Азат Султанов 30 june 2017, 06:08 +1
                            After starting work with Webdivision, I changed my mind about the IT world. Before the another companies often did not cope with the deadlines or completely disappeared with a prepayment. As a result, the search for responsible developers has become to a big problem. But after appealing to the WebDiwision, everything was radically changed — the guys finished the project on time and showed high professionalism. They value their own and others' time. I recommend!

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